permaculture [pur-muk-kuhl-cher]: noun.
A system of design that seeks to mimic
the structure of ecosystems to create
resilient and regenerative gardens,
homes, farms, and communities.



2019 Workshops & Events


DIY Homesteaders Festival

As a response to the growing interest in reclaiming skills of the past, reconnecting with the land, and cultivating community, Manitoba’s fourth DIY Homesteader Festival is set for a whole weekend of learning together on August 10 & 11. With the fest attracting attendees from as far North as The Pas and stretching it’s arms into B.C. and Ontario, it is clear that people want to learn these vital skills alongside others on a similar path.

Jessica Robertson, of Wild Craft Permaculture, will present a half-day workshop on Water Management and Harvesting for large and small properties at the DIY Homesteaders Festival August 10th. Zach Loeks, fellow permaculturalist and author of The Permaculture Market Garden, will be facilitating several workshops there as well. If you are in the province, in Saskatchewan, or in Northern Ontario it will be worth the travel to attend this amazing homegrown festival. There will be tons of activities for kids, and camping on site if you would like to attend for the weekend.

The full list of workshops includes Permaculture Farm Design, Sourdough Bread-making, Heating the Homestead, Wool Processing, Natural Building, Canning, Wine Cap Mushroom Beds, Urban Farming, Wild Plant Walk & Basket-making Harvest, Pastured Broilers, Cheesemaking, Urban Chickens, Hugelkultur Guilds, Beekeeping, Hide Tanning, Tree Tapping, Cast Iron, Fire Cider, Community Indigo Vat, Fermented Salsa, Bone Broth & Liver Paté, Flower Farming, Sourdough Bread-Making, Oyster Mushroom Pails, Fermentation, Hempcrete, Raising Alpacas, Natural Dyeing, Humanure Compost Toilets, Pastured Layers, Sheep School, Permabed Design, Permaculture Water Management, Natural Basket-Making, Tree Tapping, Cast Iron, Kombucha, Canning, Blacksmithing, Community Mend-In 

Day Passes to the festival gain you access to the site, the marketplace, kids area, live music, free demos and pop-in workshops. Individual workshop tickets can be purchased in addition to the day pass. 


Permaculture Design Certificate

August 12 - 23 2019

9-5 Monday through Friday

At 10C Shared Space. 42 Carden St. Guelph Ontario N1H 3A2

$1200 ($1000 early bird price until July 15th)

In this 2-week intensive course you will learn to approach the world’s problems with creative responses to arrive at strategic regenerative solutions. The tools you will learn offer a way forward - providing clarity for direct action in response to an uncertain future.

Lead by Michael Schimp from Three Acre Permaculture, with Co-teacher Jessica Robertson, of Wild Craft Permaculture.

Guest teachers include Jane Hayes from Garden Jane and Hoffman Hayes, Adrian Hodgson from Design Jam Permaculture, Ian Graham from Old 99 Farm, and more. 

Topics to be covered include:

  • sector/micro-climate analysis
  • soil analysis
  • remediation
  • water flow
  • restoration
  • whole site analysis
  • zones
  • from observation to planning
  • re-wilding
  • foraging
  • personal accountability
  • invisible structures (contracts, communications, etc)
  • appropriate technology
  • composting
  • urban vs rural permaculture
  • mapping/design
  • teamwork

Typical days will start in the classroom at 9:00 with theory and then spend the afternoon in hands-on activities or on field trips to see local permaculture projects in action. 

Food and accommodations are not provided. 

For more information or to register please go here



*Host a workshop in your own home with at least 5 people registering and you attend for free! Scheduled at your convenience.

**Most workshops half price for your son or daughter (18 and under). Contact us to arrange if not listed as an option.



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Gathering on the Green (OSCO)

Forest Gardening Convergence (Carolinian Canada Forest Garden Guild 

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Joel Salatin Live Webcast

Introduction to Permaculture, 1/2 day or full day

Cuban Agriculture in 2011 – A Slideshow of Post Oil Possibilities

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Talk “Permaculture, nourishing the earth back to health”

Movie Screening of Locavore - Local Diet, Healthy Planet

London Home and Garden Show

Civic Garden Complex Open House

Carolinian Food Forest Site Preparation

Talk “How to grow your own food without a vegetable patch”

Session for Permaculture Design Certificate “Urban Permaculture”

Building a Solar Dehydrator

Edible Garden Tour

Creative SPARK Conference at King's College

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