permaculture [pur-muk-kuhl-cher]: noun.
A system of design that seeks to mimic
the structure of ecosystems to create
resilient and regenerative gardens,
homes, farms, and communities.


2014 Upcoming Workshop & Event Schedule



WHEN: 15:00 – 17:00
WHERE: Wild Craft Permaculture
COST: $35 adult / $17.50 youth

Warm your home up this fall with fresh bread baking in your own oven. Learn the basics of bread making so you can experiment in your own kitchen and make bread to your liking.

You will learn 3 different styles of yeast breads to give you lots of options in the kitchen depending on your schedule. 1) a traditionally risen loaf, 2) a 5 minute bread, and 3) a long loaf with an overnight rise. Each participant will go home with dough they have mixed together that can be baked at any time over the following 2 weeks. And, of course, we’ll sample the goods together before you go home!

Eventbrite - Breadmaking Workshop



WHEN: 13:30 – 17:00
WHERE: Wild Craft Permaculture
COST: $40 adult / $20 youth

Learn the basics of crafting kombucha tea, ginger beer, kvass, fruit sodas, and kefir. Fermented beverages are easy to make and a nutritious and delicious way to incorporate health giving tonics, sodas, and teas into your daily food routine. Join Val Andrews of The Harvest Pantry for some liquid fun!

Eventbrite - Brewing up a Storm!! Healing and Nourishing Beverages 

*Host a workshop in your own home with at least 5 people registering and you attend for free! Scheduled at your convenience. **Most workshops half price for your son or daughter (18 and under). Contact us to arrange.



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