Our Philosophy

Wild Craft believes it is crucial that you be involved throughout the process. Whether it is a workshop you are attending, a design being created for your garden, a one-on-one consultation, or a garden installation. We engage you in observing, in learning, in doing.

Wild Craft excels at empowering our clients. We want you to have the confidence and self-assurance to maintain and evolve designs over time, and to continue your permaculture education after we’ve let go of your hand. Wild Craft has been instrumental in strengthening the permaculture community in London because we believe that the bigger the support network, the faster we can affect broad positive change in the world. We are members of the Carolinian Canada Forest Garden Guild, a team of practitioners who hold networking events, do outreach and document research. http://www.forestgardenguild.ca/

permaculture [pur-muk-kuhl-cher]: noun.
A system of design that seeks to mimic
the structure of ecosystems to create
resilient and regenerative gardens,
homes, farms, and communities.


Wild Craft hosts workshops from 1 hour introductions to 2 day intensives. Subject matter ranges from a broad introduction to permaculture, to specifics like foraging walks where you learn to identify and use wild edibles. See the Links & Events page for a list of past workshops. We are also available for speaking engagements, school programs or anything else you have in mind. We’ve been told we are very engaging! Let us know what you’re thinking.


Wild Craft’s forte is design work. With experience in projects from the size of a small urban yard, to 100 acre urban revitalization project, we can cater to all your needs. We relish the ability to be able to work from the bottom up - directly with home owners - as well as from the top down by collaborating with municipalities and large scale development projects.

We start all of our designs with a sector analysis that examines the site conditions, climate and microclimate. This is then overlayed with the zones, or areas of use, in order to arrive at the most suitable layout. Call us for a quote.


Are you just looking for a little guidance and direction on what steps to take next in your garden? Wild Craft will walk through your property with you in a 1 to 2 hour consultation as we discuss your options. When we go you will be left with a series of recommendations that you are free to implement on your own time. Sometimes this is just the boost you need to get your own creative juices flowing, or give you the confidence to move forward.


After Wild Craft has prepared a design for your garden there are three installation options.

1. Wild Craft can implement the design at a time that is convenient for you.

2. You can assist Wild Craft with the implementation while we take responsibility for managing the installation and making sure everything runs smoothly. You will be credited for the hours of labour you put in with our crew.

3. You are free to implement the design on your own time and at your leisure.